Discipleship Program


“Then Peter said in reply, ‘See, we have left everything and followed you.’” (Matthew 19:27, ESV). Peter, like the eleven other disciples, obeyed the Lord when Jesus asked him to leave everything and “follow me” (Matthew 4:19, ESV).

Is the Lord calling you to deepen your relationship with Him and experience biblical community?

Christ Centered Family is providing you an opportunity to live in a community home with three to four other Christian believers of the same gender. Christ Centered Family will provide a leader in the home which will be of the same gender or a married couple. This rolling admission 12 month live-in discipleship program includes room and board along with exposure to various aspects of ministry.

It is Christ Centered Family’s passion that people are awakened to the God-given potential and gifts placed inside of them.


What You Will Experience

    • Spend time together and individually developing relationships with Jesus Christ and other people through devotion and group activities
    • Personal and group mentoring
    • Learn and perform various aspects of ministry such as teaching, leading worship, administration, etc.
    • Live in a single family home with other disciples of your gender and a Christ Centered Family leader
    • Perform activities individually and as a team including household work, shopping, cooking, budgeting, etc.
    • Engage in local missional projects



      • Deepen your relationship with God
      • Grow closer to one another in biblical community – experience living in a biblical community
      • Learn life skills such as:  home and household responsibilities; interpersonal – resolving relationship issues in a biblical manner; financial fundamentals
      • Develop God’s personal calling
      • Share verbally what God is doing in your life
      • Walk in the truth God is revealing
      • Shed how the outside world has defined you, and embrace how God sees you


Personal Commitment

        • Live in the Christ Centered Family discipleship house throughout the entire length of the program
        • Participate in Discipleship Program and Christ Centered Family activities
        • Willing to be a team player
        • Abide by the Christ Centered Family Discipleship Program Contract


Christ Centered Family Provides

          • Housing – individual room in the discipleship house with bed, dresser, and desk
          • Food provided with shared cooking responsibilities
          • Program supplied living essentials
          • More details provided upon request



            • 12 month residency program
            • Begins upon move in



discipleship program york pa, christian community, non-profit
Red Lion, PA (male house)

christian discipleship program stewartstown pa
Stewartstown, PA (female house)


To be considered for Christ Centered Family’s Discipleship Program you must:

              • Have a relationship with Jesus Christ
              • Be 18 years of age or older on your start date
              • Have your high school diploma

This is a live-in program where applicants are required to live with other same-sex Discipleship Program members in a Christ Centered Family house located in Red Lion, PA or Stewartstown, PA for the duration of the program. The program is to take priority in the applicant’s life, thus individuals will not be permitted to work full time. They may work part time (around 24 hours or less per week) as long as it does not interfere with Christ Centered Family activities and program schedule. Each person will be required to sign the Christ Centered Family Discipleship Program Contract. Upon acceptance of application, a personal interview shall be conducted. Finally, applicants will be required to pass a background check upon acceptance into the program.


We are always accepting applications (rolling admission)

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If you have any questions about the Discipleship Program, please feel to contact us by phone or email:

Contact Carol at:  717-993-4040

Email:  christcenteredfamilypa@gmail.com