Discipleship Program Contract

  1. I understand that this is an unpaid program. The benefit of the program is experience and personal development.
  2. I understand this is a twelve-month program and if I choose to leave before fulfilling my obligation I will be responsible to reimburse Christ Centered Family for room and board for time spent.
  3. I understand that I am expected to pursue my relationship with God daily through personal devotions, prayer, worship, interactions with others, etc.
  4. I understand that during my participation in the program I am representing Jesus, the Church, and Christ Centered Family.
  5. I understand I am expected to participate in various Christ Centered Family ministry capacities and activities.
  6. I will not work more than 24 hours per week.
  7. I will strive to resolve conflict quickly with whom it regards in a God-honoring way.
  8. I will respect other people’s belongings and personal space.
  9. I will live a life of sexual purity, pursuing personal holiness and maintaining appropriate boundaries.
  10. I will be honest and transparent with a Christ Centered Family leader about sin and personal struggles that arise in my life.
  11. I will take initiative to talk to a Christ Centered Family leader if issues arise.
  12. I will allow Christ Centered Family members to follow me on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  13. I am open to receive input and correction to my actions in the house, outside, and within social media.
  14. I understand that I am not allowed to be alone with a member of the opposite sex in the house.
  15. I understand that members of the opposite sex are not allowed on the second floor of the house.
  16. I will not possess or use illegal drugs or illegal alcohol. Random drug tests may be administered by Christ Centered Family.
  17. I will not smoke or vape in the house.
  18. I will not bring weapons into the house.
  19. I will not gossip.
  20. I understand that Christ Centered Family has a zero tolerance policy on violence, theft, and substance abuse.
  21. I understand that I may receive disciplinary actions for poor behavior, and excessive poor behavior may lead to removal from the program.
  22. I will abide by the house expectations.
  23. I understand that Christ Centered Family has the right to terminate an individual’s participation in the program at any time.


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